Thank you for joining the 43rd Annual Conference of the International School Psychology Association

From stress to trauma …
and all the way back!


We’re happy to announce that the recordings of following keynote lectures, invited symposia and invited workshops are now available online for only €35! 

  • Ann Masten: Resilience in Development: Nurturing Roles of Families and Schools
  • Jantine Spilt: Strong teacher-child relationships: For the benefit of both children’s and teachers’ well-being
  • Laurence Claes: In search for self-care! Assessment and treatment of non-suicidal self-injury in adolescents
  • Anne Frenzel: Teacher Emotions: Their links with instructional behavior, student experiences, and relational classroom atmosphere
  • Nicole Vliegen: Complex trauma in the school environment: A trauma-informed and mentalization-based perspective

You can access the recordings by clicking on the button below. Keep in mind that you can only register for this online package until October 15, 2022. Videos will be available online until the 1st August 2023

If you have registered for the ISPA conference, you cannot make a new registration. In that case, please send us an email requesting access to the recordings to

Register here for the online recordings

With many thanks to Bill Pfohl we are able to present you a glimpse into the 2022 ISPA Conference

ISPA Conference – 2022 – Leuven, Belgium

The 43rd International School Psychology Association (ISPA) Conference was held in Leuven, Belgium and took place Thursday 7 July– Sunday 10 July 2022. 

We were extremely happy to be able to meet onsite with almost 350 participants!

The theme of the conference was ‘From stress to trauma… And all the way back!’. We look back on an inspiring scientific conference with four invited keynote presentations by internationally distinguished scholars, many wonderful and exciting symposia and workshops, round tables, and thematic sessions that addressed the theme of the conference. And in addition to all this we enjoyed the lovely weather, the company of so many good friends and colleagues during the interesting and lively social activities ……. and the Leuven nightlife 😉.

We hope to meet you all again in Bologna, next year!


Ann Masten


Professor of Child Development, University of Minnesota, USA

Topic: Resilience in Development

Sissy Hatzichristou


Professor of School Psychology, Department of Psychology National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Greece. President of ISPA

Topic: Supporting school and educational communities during unsettling times: A multilevel approach of linking theory, research, training and practice

Laurence Claes


Professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Science, University Leuven, Belgium

Topic: Non-suicidal self-injury

Jantine Spilt


Associate professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Science, University Leuven, Belgium

Topic: Teacher stress and teacher-child relationships

Local Organizing Committee 

Prof. Dr. Karine Verschueren, professor school psychology, KU Leuven
Drs. Patrick Lancksweerdt, chair VVSP, Vlaamse Vereniging voor Schoolpsychologie
Drs. Davy Blekman, director RINO amsterdam & ZonderZorg
Drs. Marieke van Dam, past – RINO amsterdam director, now self-employed

We, the members of the Local Organizing Committee, are fully committed to sustainability, and have therefore made some choices which will have an impact on several aspects of the conference.
This means that there will be no printed program book. All information about the programs and the social activities will be provided via the conference app and on large posters in the reception area. We will continuously update all information throughout the conference and will be able to communicate any changes or additions to the program immediately. Furthermore, we use a minimum of plastic, so no plastic bags either.
We have also chosen to offer exclusively vegetarian food and will work as much as possible with local providers. For drinks and food, we use reusable materials. Free water will be available, we will provide a reusable bottle, 1 per person.
We do hope that you support our choices and are looking forward to the conference as much as we are!


University Campus Leuven